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How to Get Hired by the World’s Best Bars

Understand the skills and characteristics managers from the best bars are looking for, to help you land that next role. 

Authors: James Wheeler, Dandeylan General Manager  

Jesse Vida, Atlas Manager 

Vijay Mudaliar, Manager of Native 

Stephen Waters, Watershed Managing Director 

Estimated Reading Time: 6 Minutes 

Discover The Skills You Need

Knowing the specific skills that impress management gives you an advantage when applying for roles. The bar industry is competitive, so you'll need to stand out to be successful.  


Each manager will have their unique tastes when it comes to recruitment, but there are some universal characteristics that most managers will be hoping you display.  

James Wheeler, manager at Dandelyan in London smiling at the camera.

What Managers Are Looking For

Here's what some of the world's best bar managers are looking for to help give you the edge over others. 

James Wheeler – Dandelyan General Manager

For James, someone who works harmoniously with their team – who can get involved with the culture and motivate their peers – will get the job.  


Ideal hires should also bring something special to the table, be that a skill or insight they are passionate about.  


Additionally they should possess the ability to manage multiple responsibilities, a vital quality to have when working in some of the best bars.  


Experience is great, but a good attitude is like gold dust to managers. You can fix bad habits, but changing a bad attitude isn't as easy.  

Jesse Vida – Manager at Atlas

Jesse looks more at the personality and aptitude of new hires, wanting someone they can trust and who shows a desire to learn and improve by taking advantage of educational opportunities.  


Working with customers means that those who are friendly and warm will get more opportunities. Being able to handle pressure and stay calm is also key.  


The main thing is character, which is why Jesse always looks for a reference from a past employee to see what new hires are really like. 

Vijay Mudaliar - Manager of Native

For Vijay, showing drive and passion is more important than experience, as he regularly hires low-experience staff. He wants new staff to have goals that match the bar's ethos - you'll have more success if you resonate with what a venue stands for.  


Dedication and an eagerness to learn are key. Confidence can help, but a humble approach to your work will help you stand out more. 

Writing the Perfect CV

Your CV will be the first thing a manager judges you on, so it's essential to get it right and create a good one.  


To get your CV to stand out against other applicants, here are some things that Stephen Waters, Managing Director at Watershed, recommends.  


  1. Keep it short. You need to be snappy and impress management with your skills quickly. Keep it under three pages.  
  1. Use a classic 12pt typeface on plain paper. You should stand out with your skills, not how the document looks.  
  1. Tailor each CV you send to the specific role, highlighting your most relevant skills and experience.  
  1. Lead with the most essential information you want a hiring manager to know first. Many don't read beyond the first page.  
  1. Start with your most recent roles and work backwards, writing more information about these roles than older ones.  
  1. Put all your contact details on the first page, with a list of your employment history and attainments. The second page should have a less detailed list of older experience and qualifications. 
  1. Omit anything irrelevant, such as your school, current salary, religion, nationality, etc.  
  1. Don't lie or even exaggerate the truth. 
  1. Focus on outcomes – the results you’ve achieved – not just your actions.  
  1. Be direct and dynamic in your language. 
  1. Avoid qualifying words, such as hopefully, fairly, rather.  
  1. Make sure to include a cover letter. Keep it concise and try to explore ways to show that you have self-awareness of your skills, motivation, and good teamwork and communication. 

CV Template

Download our expertly crafted CV template  to help you build an impressive CV that can help you land that next role. 

Key Takeaways

  • Top bar managers want someone who can fit into their team and offer something special and unique.  
  • A willingness to learn and improve are desired traits of a new recruit.  
  • Character is sometimes more important than your experience. It is important to both have passion as well as be friendly and warm.  
  • A good CV can help you stand out. Keep it concise, focusing on the result-focused outcomes of your past roles.