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Providing consistent, first-class service is key to making your venue stand out among the rest. Using just a few simple steps, we outline how to ensure you start every shift on top of your game.

Preparation leads to success

We’ve all heard the saying “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” and this is never truer than when preparing your bar for the night ahead! Nobody wants to walk into a bar that is unclean or poorly prepared. Opening your venue properly and professionally can determine how the rest of the shift will go, and there are countless benefits to being prepared:

Top Customer Service – A clean bar is visually more attractive to your customers and makes them more likely to return. Customer service is improved when the bar is kept neat and tidy.

Better Efficiency – A fully stocked bar will ensure quick, consistent speed of service and stop anyone needing to leave the bar to restock. This will also help create a positive team atmosphere among staff.

Upselling Opportunities – When your back bar is fully stocked, your customers can easily see the full range of products you have on offer, making them more receptive to upselling and trying new things.

Before every shift

Before a shift begins, it is important to check your venue is ready for action. Always start your shift by checking that your bar area is tidy and safe. For a profitable, hassle-free shift, make sure everything you need to deliver the best possible service is ready to go—no one likes delays. When customers know that they’ll get fast, friendly service and delicious, quality drinks at your bar, that’s where they’ll want to be. Put these simple guidelines into practice and you’ll always be ready to serve.

Following a checklist-style procedure before every shift will easily identify any stock that is low, so it can be replenished before any customers enter the bar. Use this simple Diageo Bar Academy cheat sheet to ensure perfect pre-shift preparation every time!