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It may sound simple but stirring isn’t quite as easy as it seems! A good technique will ensure the perfect amount of dilution and chill to get those signature serves spot-on every time. Check out our essential guide to master your stirring technique today.

What You Need

Mixing glass–You can stir in a serving glass however, a toughened glass designed specifically for mixing drinks (often the glass half of a Boston Shaker) works well.

Bar spoon–An extremely useful bar tool, the twists in the handle allow the smooth flow of liquid around the spoon when stirring ice and liquid in a glass.

How To Stir

STEP 1: Assemble the ingredients in the glass.

STEP 2: Slide the bar spoon down the inside of the glass and stir for up to 30 seconds.

Alternatively, if the glass is full of ice, slide the capped end of the spoon into the glass and stir the contents.

STEP 3: Carefully remove the spoon to avoid spilling any of the liquid.

A Guide to Stirring

Now practice!

Try the below recipe to practise your stirring skills.

Gin Martini

.25 oz. Dry Vermouth


Pour ingredients into a mixing glass over ice.
Stir with a bar spoon.
Strain and serve straight up into a chilled cocktail glass.
Garnish with a grapefruit twist.

(2.1 standard drinks*- 1.7 units per serve)