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Four tips to remember when you next practice with your jigger

Using a jigger or measure is one of the fundamentals of making mixed drinks. Knowing what you are putting in the glass is basic but vitally important.

I worked for a long time in a bar where we did not use jiggers. We always free-poured all of our spirits, and this helped us work a little bit faster once we were accustomed to the drinks and to the space.
However, it has been proven that the difference is absolutely minimal in terms of speed between using a jigger and free-pouring, and so for the sake of the craft of making cocktails I am saying now that we must always use jiggers while working.

So how do we jigger? Every bar is different, we all use different jiggers, and people measure differently with the same jiggers. I will give you some pointers on how to make sure you and your colleagues are saving time and money and creating a consistent experience for your guests.

Developing and improving your jiggering method(s) is just one of the challenges for you to accept and use as a tool to take your bartending to the next level. Through practice and commitment to this often under-appreciated aspect of mixing, we eliminate wastage, save time by never overpouring, and ensure that we are making beautiful drinks every single time.

Our guests love fluid movement and confidence, so be sure you focus on every detail of your movement behind the bar, and jigger well.

Angus Burton is the Australian runner-up in Diageo World Class 2012 and has won numerous bartending competitions. His passion started with his first bartending gig: blending Ramos Gin Fizzes for friends and family 10 years ago. To Angus, cocktails are the ultimate enjoyment of purity through the realization of experiential theater. Angus writes from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.