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Create memorable experiences for your guests or customers with these resources on responsible serving.

Responsible serving is all about creating memorable experiences for consumers, spotting signs of excessive drinking, and acting professionally and responsibly at all times.


Creating a fun, vibrant yet safe space for guests should be top of every bar’s agenda. Learn how to spot the signs of intoxication and promote responsible serving in your bar, as we delve into the finer details of responsible serving,


It is important to be aware of both the negative and positive effects of alcohol and about how our bodies process alcohol so that you have a better understanding of your customer's drinking choices and when to advise them not to drink.

Delivering this level of customer service will lead to:


It’s the role of a bar professional to ensure that customers are safe when in their venue and can enjoy the experience responsibly. In this course from Diageo Bar Academy, you’ll gain important information and interactive guidance on how to serve with responsibility and to help customers enjoy themselves safely in your venue. From the importance of measurement to understanding intoxication, earn your certification now.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator

Knowing the final alcohol content of drinks is important when serving our guests responsibly. Use our Alcohol by Volume (ABV) Calculator to help understand how many standard servings of alcohol your recipe contains.

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