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Responsible serving is about creating memorable experiences for consumers, spotting signs of excessive drinking, and acting professionally and responsibly at all times.

Why do you need to know about responsible serving?

It is important to be aware of both the negative and positive effects of alcohol and about how our bodies process alcohol so that you have a better understanding of your customer's drinking choices and when to advise them not to drink.

By delivering this level of customer service it will lead to:

What is alcohol?

The effects of alcohol

The effects of drinking alcohol vary from person to person because of who we are, how much we drink and the different ways in which our bodies process alcohol.

The process
The effects

Country legislations

Each country sets guidelines and legislation around the consumption of alcohol and as a member of the bar staff, you have a duty to implement them. Legislations fall into four common areas:

Spots the signs

As a professional, as well as being aware of the legal guidelines, it is also important that you are able to spot the signs of intoxication and assess when someone has had enough.

Most commonly, the signs of intoxication include: slurred speech, impaired co-ordination, slowed reactions and diminished judgement.

Tips for responsible hosting

There are various tips for responsible hosting – from offering snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, to ensuring you measure your spirits correctly so that you not only don’t waste liquid but that both you and your customer know how much alcohol is in their drink.

How to refuse to serve a customer

There may be times when you have to deal with customers who have consumed too much alcohol. If you can strike up a rapport you should suggest they alternate their alcohol consumption with soft drinks, eat some food and drink some water. Most importantly you should not serve them any more alcohol.

When you decide that someone has had enough to drink and you do not wish to serve them, you should take the following steps:

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