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The word self-care is batted around a lot, but it can make a difference when motivation is low or needing to suss out a new routine. Stay on track with these seven tips guaranteed to help look after yourself and manage your time like a pro.

1. Create a purposeful plan

Having a good plan in place will help you find motivation and create even more purpose to your week. Download our self-care planner and checklist for some structure and aim to tick off one task per day.

2. Master your exercise routine

Take up a new exercise that you enjoy, whether it is yoga, home workouts or a couple of minutes meditating. Incorporate some fantastic stretches from Camille Vidal or Listen in on tips for running and exercising on How to Look After Yourself.

3. Seize the day

Sometimes a bit of inspiration from others is all that is needed to get your day off to a good start. Some of the industry’s best give their top tips for staying sane and keeping well.

View our Tip of the Day Highlight on Instagram for more inspiration on simple and easy adjustments that can help with responding to a new routine or challenging season.

4. Enhance your capabilities

Whether it’s smoking a cocktail or learning the art of a well-made highball, now is the time to finesse those skills and techniques. Practice those tricky serves that you haven’t had time to master, why not watch our bar stories for some inspiration or our how to engage customers online webinar. Browse our wide range of Bar Management content for more tips on how to improve your skills and take your business to the next level.

5. Relaxation is on the horizon

If you’re used to being on your feet for 10+ hours a day, then the reality of chilling out at home might come as a shock at first. Don’t feel the pressure to fill each void with something energetic as time can be just as productive when you’re not being active. It could be taking a bath and listening to a podcast episode, or reading a category book whilst chilling out on the sofa.

6. Let’s Take this Online

Most bar professionals are used to having 1:1 time with customers and colleagues – and vice versa - so it’s important to keep those relationships going with alternative communication. Keep in contact with customers by hosting an interactive tasting or pub quiz. Take your team training online by sharing one of our Bar Management videos.

7. Mind Yourself

Hands up who is tempted to fill every void with a to-do? If you’re presented with hours alone then try to make the most of this opportunity to relax and re-calibrate. It’s times like this that the best ideas and best you can be refined. Have a listen to Camille Vidal’s tips on our Industry After-Hours webinar for more inspiration when it comes to mindfulness and quiet time.

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