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The Magic of Bar Cart Cocktails

Roll with it

At the Connaught, our aim is to combine technique and carefully selected ingredients with theatrical service to create a unique and unforgettable experience for our guests. We welcome everyone with a taster cocktail that changes from day to day and we carefully tailor each guest’s chosen drink to their taste, providing a recipe card so they can even have a go at recreating the cocktail at home. We’re always looking for innovative ways to take our customer service to the next level, and that’s how the idea for the cocktail trolley was born.

Our famous Martini trolley was designed to bring a touch of theatre and to share the process with our guests in a more intimate setting. We opted for the Martini as it’s a very versatile classic with countless opportunities for customization that doesn’t require too much equipment. Using our homemade bitters, we can create bespoke cocktails right in front of our guests’ eyes and make them feel like they’re drinking something that’s truly one of a kind.

Tricks of the trolley

Cocktail trolleys are a great conversation starter and an innovative way to personalize service and add a little touch of tableside cocktail magic. You can literally bring the bar to your guests and you have created an opportunity to interact with them directly and distinguish your venue from its competitors

When deciding which Martini to make, I start by reading the customer. If they are pretty cocktail-savvy already, I like to suggest new, more adventurous flavors and combinations; if they are slightly hesitant, I’ll opt for more traditional recipes. It’s all about reading your guests and working around their needs.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Connaught Bar, and the Martini trolley has become one of our signature selling points, but that’s not to say there weren’t a few problems in the beginning. The bar’s original layout was designed with a carpet in the center, making it difficult to maneuver the trolley quickly during service. So, we replaced the carpet with a runway and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Don’t be discouraged if you have a few hiccups early on or your customers aren’t immediately receptive to the idea—perseverance is key, and a bit of trial and error will help you find what works best in your bar.

Trolley tips

Here are some of my top tips for setting up your own cocktail trolley:

The Connaught Martini


Stir Vermouth and spirit over ice

Strain into Martini glass coated with bitters of your choice

Garnish with lemon zest or olives

We offer our signature Connaught Martini with a choice of gin or vodka, and then we have a selection of homemade aromatic bitters to tailor it exactly to our guests’ tastes:

Lavender – floral and aromatic with a rosemary-like flavor that tastes amazing with olives.

Green cardamom – balsamic on the nose and dry on the palate with a citrus aftertaste.

Vanilla – silky on the nose with a lingering, bitter finish.

Coriander seeds – elegant with spicy and citrus aromas.

Bergamot and ginseng – elegant, woody notes with spicy, citrusy aromas.

(*One standard drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol)