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Digital Readiness

With 27% of the world population using social media actively on their mobile devices, having an online presence becomes a must for every type of business. With more and more people using the internet to find out where to go and your business depending on the amount of customers visiting your venue, having an online presence has become even more important.

Whether it is having a great website, engaging your audience through social media or making sure your venue shows up on Google maps there are many cost effective ways of marketing your venue and making sure potential customers show up in your outlet!

Make sure your venue isn’t left behind on this digital trend and use our online diagnostic tool to find out what areas of your business you could improve. For more information on how to boost your online marketing strategies, read our tips for the different channels you can use.



    Diagnose your online presence to improve and take your online strategies to the next level. Use the online diagnostic tool.



    Information and guidance on how to make the most of the digital world and promote your venue. Read our top digital tips.

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