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Quality Serves

The importance of a quality serve

Getting a serve right is paramount to maximizing sales, generating profit and creating customer satisfaction.

A drink perfectly served will build trust, ensure your consumers will be back for more and will get you positive recommendations.

5 ingredients to the perfect serve

The right glassware

Using the correct https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/news/tips/crystal_clear_glassware/">glassware is very important. Not only should the glass hold the right amount of spirit, mixer, ice and garnish but the correct glass can contribute to the overall customer experience. Research shows if a drink looks better it tastes better!

It is important that you use cool, dry glasses and handle the glass as little as possible – remember the top two thirds of the glass belong to the customer.

Excite your customers with the right glassware and watch the video below for some more tips:

The quality and amount of ice

Using clear, good quality ice is a key ingredient to creating perfectly served drinks. You can use different types of ice e.g. cubed or crushed for different serves and experiences. For long mixed drinks you should fill the glass with ice – the more ice you use the cooler the drink and the less dilution.

Make sure your ice impresses your customer and watch the video below for some more tips:

The perfect pour

The best way to ensure accuracy, maintain consistency of drinks, reduce waste and showcase professionalism is by using a jigger to measure your spirit. For long mixed drinks you should pour the spirit over ice. A top tip is to pour in front of your customers with the label of the bottle facing them.

Ready to perfect your https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/news/tips/the_essential_techniques_of_pouring/">pouring? Watch the video below for some more pouring tips:

The quality of mixers

Good quality, chilled mixers can create exciting flavors and textures, while enhancing the overall customer experience and boosting sales. A good idea is to keep ahead of trends and stock new and emerging soft drink flavors, for example, ginger beers and flavored tonics. These on-trend mixers allow you to offer your customer something different and make your venue stand out from the competition.

Fresh garnish

Presentation can boost sales and give your venue a competitive edge. Quality https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/drinkspiration/seasonal_suggestions/dress_up_your_drinks_for_christmas__/">garnishes can add color and flavor,making your serves extra appealing. An easy rule to go by is to use oranges for orange flavored drinks, lemons for lemon flavored drinks and limes for everything else. You could also experiment with peel and other garnishes, such as berries and herbs.

Make your serve stand out from the crowd and watch the video below for some tips on mixers and garnishes:

Ready to make the perfect serve? Take a look at our wide-ranging https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/recipes/">recipe database for some inspiration.


Around a third of customers entering a bar are undecided about what they’re going to order, so your ability to impress and offer expert advice is key to unlocking potential sales.

A great way to upsell is by utilizing brand menus, as most customers choose a premium version of their favorite brand before trying a new one and the menu is a great way to engage with customers.

Want to know more about upselling? Watch the video below for some top tips:

Find out more about the about the power of upselling and how it can boost sales in your venue with our upselling calculator.

Signature serves

Signature serves are a great way to showcase your venue’s identity and help you stand out from the crowd. These serves can help spread positive word of mouth and by using local or different ingredients, it can offer your customers a unique experience and boost sales.

Time to create a signature serve for your venue? Take a look at the video below for our top tips:

Are you making profitable serves and driving sales in your bar? Find out by using our profitability calculator.

Seasonal serves

A great way to make your venue stand out is through the distinctive serves you offer for different occasions. https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/account/?return_to=/en_zz/drinkspiration/seasonal_suggestions">Seasonal serves can give you that point of difference and an opportunity to engage customers and drive sales by satisfying their desire for treating themselves.

Your seasonal drinks don’t have to be complicated and can be created by simply adding a garnish or extra ingredient. For example, you could create summer outdoor serves with crushed ice, winter hot toddies or celebratory festive serves.

Get your serves ready for the next seasonal occasion and watch the video below for some top tips:

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