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Speed and Efficiency

In the fast-paced environment of a bar it’s vital to deliver smooth, quick and efficient service each and every time, while looking for opportunities to https://www.diageobaracademy.com/en_zz/news/tips/essential_tips_to_enhance_your_customers_drinking_experience_/">enhance the customers’ experience and drive sales.

Speed often requires experience, with your movements eventually becoming second nature, but being organized and efficient in the way that you work will also help with speed while keeping quality standards in place.

10 Step workstation setup

You need to prepare your bar so it meets your business needs and the customer’s drink preferences. A good way to speed up service is a good workstation setup procedure. By ensuring this setup is consistent, it will help everyone in the team to work more efficiently.

This means that products, glassware, tools and garnishes are positioned nearby and the bar is neat and ready to please your first customer.

Here are our ten steps:

Speed & efficiency top tips

Prioritize tasks

A great way to speed up service is to prioritize duties. There are many tasks to perform when on a shift, but prioritizing these tasks helps you to work efficiently and use your initiative in finding something to do when it’s quiet.

Priority 1 – The customer

The first priority will always be the customer. When a customer arrives at the bar or their table they should be immediately acknowledged and served as soon as possible. You should also be attentive and alert for a customer’s second order.

Priority 2 – Bar top

This is where you receive customers, so ensure that the bar top is clear of glassware and litter, wiped clean of any spillages and drinks menus are present, clean and complete.

Priority 3 – Back bar

Make sure that your stock looks as inviting as possible. All products should be orderly with labels facing forward. Also, if all stock is in place, then you will be able to find products more easily.

Priority 4 – Under bar

Ensure your area is equipped with everything you need for service. Clean and re-stock as you go. By preparing to be busy at all times, you’ll never get caught out by a rush at the bar.

Priority 5 – Preparation

This includes anything that takes you off the bar and out of service, such as collecting and washing glasses, fetching stock and ice, or stocking shelves and fridges. If a customer approaches the bar, drop what you’re doing and go back to priority 1. If you do this, then the other priorities should follow as you will naturally choose to complete the task your customer will appreciate most.

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