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The digital world is growing, but is your bar or restaurant being left behind? Throughout a series of articles over the coming months, we will be looking at how to get your outlet noticed on the World Wide Web(pre dictionary), grow your reputation and attract new customers. But first, let’s look at why you should be making the digital world a top priority.

Why your outlet should be online

Many people go online before they go to an outlet. As more and more people use the internet to decide which venue to go to, it has never been more important to have a digital presence online. Wherever you are in the world, online marketing to drive business to your bar, restaurant or club is a smart move. Whether that is a website, Facebook page, Google maps or Trip Advisor, it is important that you maintain your outlet’s digital profile.

1) It’s cost effective

The digital world offers a more cost-effective alternative to mainstream advertising and you can also target specific customers through social media. The digital world also allows your customers to do advertising for you through Facebook check-ins, reviews and tagging you in their posts.

2) You can showcase your outlet's personality

Through various social media channels and your website there is a great opportunity to tell your customers (and potential customers) about your outlet’s personality. By posting about your outlet’s team, interesting drinks menus, events, etc., the digital world can really help showcase your outlet’s style and point of difference from other outlets in the area.

3) You can talk to your customers directly

The digital world gives everyone the opportunity for more direct and fast communication. You can really use this to your outlet’s benefit by responding to customers online and ensuring you take online and taking their feedback into consideration.

Stayed tuned!

In the next few articles we will be looking at:

Social media

If your outlet is not already on social media, it is time to start! With many people spending a lot of their online time on social media, these channels are a great way to share content, make instant connections and build relationships with current and future fans. We will be looking at the benefits of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, what makes each channel different and top tips on how to use each channel.

Website, Email, Search

With 75% of people choosing restaurants based on search results, they are a key way to capture attention, impress and grow fans across the web. Alongside search, your website and email marketing should be key cornerstones of your online strategy and we will be looking at top tips to start using them.

Own your local area

Local or location-based online marketing is a massive opportunity for your outlet. We will be looking at ways you can target people who are looking for a great place to eat and drink in your area and assist your biggest fans finding their way to your door.