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From serving drinks to taking orders, this article offers hacks to speed up service and improve efficiency when faced with limitations in your venue. Bar professional Minakshi Singh, from Sidecar Bar, voted Best Bar in India, gives her best practices and hacks for a slick and efficient service in your bar.


First things first, let’s face it: it will be a slow and steady process getting your bar to where you want it to be, and it will be some time before we can go back to how bars are used to operating. So, brace yourself for slower business, and becoming as efficient as possible with existing resources and processes, making operations as smooth as possible in your venue.


The idea is to ensure fewer surface touchpoints, so implement QR-coded menus. It is one of the simplest things you can do, and every guest can access it via a smartphone. Also, it goes on to save printing money, as well as time-consuming printing updates! While you are at it, direct the menu to your website, thus increasing page views, as well as brand visibility.

Re-evaluating your menu content from a cost point of view works well. So, consider a less perishable inventory in order to reduce wastage and cut back on costs. For example, introduce drinks that are efficient to make or consider batching – this is a simple, cost-effect way for your staff to save time making drinks and also allows them to be prepared for busier shifts.

Ensure your menu is seasonal and optimized to the demand of the guests. This practice is not only something we need to integrate at all times but goes on to ensure your guests get the best of what your bar and region has to offer.


In the hospitality industry, your team of staff is your ears and eyes on the ground. Therefore, it is essential to ensure they are well trained on the safety protocols, like maintaining proper hygiene practices, and following SOP’s. Right from your entrance to the back area, your entire staff has to be briefed every day on social distancing as well as maintaining the rules. Make it part of your business day routine to ensure this time is put in with your team. Add any training or team catch-ups to your regular staff training calendar to make it part of everyone’s working day.


Communication with guests is always key. Our industry thrives on conversations and hence, it is tricky for us to limit this whilst maintaining a good relationship with the guest and making them feel safe in your venue. A great way to ensure efficient communication is to consider all the different ways to speak to your customers. Here are a few hacks.


A great layout can help you put your guests at ease and can also get you better space utilization. Do plan your seating keeping the protocols of social distancing in mind:


Needless to say, following strict health and safety procedures at all times is absolutely a must (no matter what time we are living in!) but also, showcasing that you are following norms is of utmost importance. Shoot a quick video showing your daily sanitization routine or best practices and post on your social media channels. This will go a long way in assuring your guests that it is safe for them to venture to your venue.


Lastly, I would say, keep up with the ever-changing innovations. Many venues in the industry have branched into exciting digital formats like YouTube channels or social media influencers or e-zines. We have been lucky enough to launch our own YouTube channel. The idea came from the fact that we needed to increase our digital footprint and be able to communicate with the industry as well our guests at large. The fact that we have spent a considerable amount of time in the industry gave us the confidence to launch a Youtube channel that is especially focused on the beverage landscape of India. We have covered new brands, cocktail recipes, and trends.

The industry has also done some amazing work right from creating their own RTD’s and premixes to creating opportunities like training portals to support the industry as a whole. In your downtime, take advantage of resources available to you and opportunities to further your business.

Five key Takeaways