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Since 1974, Baileys® Irish Cream has been the most loved drink of spirited women around the world.


Baileys Irish Cream is a whiskey and cream based liqueur which launched in Ireland in 1974. It is now the no.1 liqueur in the world, and sold in more than 100 countries.

Interesting Facts:

Baileys was forged by a belief that women deserved more, deserved a better choice. It took four years to perfect the ‘impossible blend’ of smooth Irish Cream with quality whiskey, defying the sceptics to create something extraordinary.

Baileys is the most loved and adored of any Cream Liqueur brand in the world. A recent MMR Global Blind Tasting Study showed consumers overwhelmingly preferring the taste of Baileys than other brands.

Baileys has won more medals than any of its competitors in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Awards.

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This brand’s most renowned expression is Baileys® Original Irish Cream – the perfect balancing act of aged Irish whiskey woven with fresh Irish dairy cream and a hint of cocoa and vanilla – but it also offers other flavored variants to suit more styles and tastes.

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