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The unique maritime character of Clynelish single malt Scotch whisky owes much to its location, but even more to the skills of those who ensure its high quality.


The original distillery at Clynelish was purpose built to serve the new farms being established on the fertile land of Sutherland’s coastal strip. For a cost of just £750 in 1819, the future Duke of Sutherland was able to provide a ready market for the grain grown by his tenant farmers. It’s from these origins that we’re able to enjoy the highly regarded Clynelish today.

Interesting Facts:

The great Victorian, Professor George Saintsbury, selected it as a favourite and today's malt whisky lovers consistently praise its unique combination of North Highland and maritime qualities.

You can almost taste the sea air in Clynelish, with its crisp, medium- bodied, mustard-fresh style. Although you won’t find Islay’s powerful smokiness here, there is just a trace if it lingering here.

However, its the clean taste of Clynelish that makes it such a fine aperitif – and you can enjoy it just as much later in the evening, such is its versatility.

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This brand’s most renowned expression is Clynelish 14 Year Old - offering sweet floral fragrances and maritime flavours with a light, dry finish - but it offers other variants to suit more styles and tastes.

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