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J&B is specially blended to make it ideal for mixing. The flavours in mixers such as cola, ginger ale and lemon complement the balanced characters of J&B RARE.


J&B's story dates back to 1749 when a young Italian by the name of Giacomo Justerini moved to London in pursuit of his girlfriend, who introduced him to his future business partner. He made use of a number of recipes he brought with him, created by his uncle, a distiller.

Interesting Facts:

J&B is unlike any other scotch: Inspired by an Italian, created in London and distilled in Scotland.

Created to answer the American demand for a smooth, high quality Scotch Whisky: the unique blend of single malt & grain whiskies is elegant & complex, yet perfectly balanced, making J&B Rare the finest whisky for mixing.

The whisky choice for royalty, celebrities and stars worldwide. King George III gave Justerini & Brooks its first Royal Warrant and every successive monarch has done the same.

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This brand’s most renowned expression is J&B Rare - a blend of the purest old scotch whiskies – but it also offers other expressions and flavoured variants to suit more styles and tastes.

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