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Ketel One® Vodka is inspired by 300 years of craftsmanship and 10 generations of family distilling expertise. In order to excel, one must do one thing well.


From its beginnings in the trading town of Schiedam, Holland, Ketel One is the culmination of the Nolet family's 10 generations of distilling experience.

Interesting Facts:

The name Ketel One is derived from Distilleerketel Number 1, a Dutch word meaning 'pot still.' It is probably one of the only vodkas in the world to be named after a key element in its production process.

The vodka's production is inspired by 300 years of family tradition and distilling expertise.

It is crafted in small copper pot still batches in combination with modern distilling techniques.

Settling for nothing less than perfection, a member of the family still tastes each batch of vodka before it is released.

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To find a world of popular and exciting serves featuring Ketel One.

This brand's more renowned expression is Ketel One vodka - with a citrus, crisp and sophisticated taste - but it also offers other expressions and flavored variants to suit more styles and tastes.

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