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Liqueurs may not be the first ingredient that comes to mind when creating experimental drinks, but don’t be deceived – the combination of Irish cream and whiskey can bring a depth of decadence to cocktails.

Since its creation over 40 years ago, Baileys has been leading the way in innovation so let’s take a look at the story behind this famous liqueur and the other exciting variant it has created to get experimenting with.


Ireland is celebrated around the world for its lush green pastures (a product of perpetual rainfall) and the rich quality of dairy produced by the cows there. Baileys liqueur has been a bona fide bar classic for well over 40 years now. But where did this creamy nectar first appear? And who’s responsible for it?

The idea was straightforward enough: combine two of Ireland’s favorite sports, rich dairy cream and fine whiskey, in an experiment with nowhere to go but delicious.

Now available in over 150 countries, Baileys is beloved around the world as the quality go to for that unmistakable cream liqueur. The brainchild of Baileys was David Dand who, alongside a team of technical experts, set out to make an unapologetically luxurious liqueur.

The team, armed with a standard fare Kenwood kitchen mixer (over 40 years ago now) and a plucky idea to create something entirely original, got to work. Early on, the team agreed they had stumbled across something delicious, but the difficult task of trying to combine whiskey and cream in one bottle without separating was still ahead of them.

It took David and the team almost 3 years to settle on a recipe that had all the taste and a significant shelf-life. Not a long wait for perfection, mind.


Baileys was one of the first liqueurs to respond to the rising demand for dairy-free alternatives.

A revolution across the culinary world, coffee scenes and, of course, hospitality and bars, meant more calls for non-traditional options and the brand got to innovating.

The result: Baileys Almande, a vegan-friendly almond liqueur that’s light on dairy, but heavy on delish.

Blending sweet almond oil, cane sugar and purified water with a touch of real vanilla – Almande is as delicate as decadent. With a light, candied almond profile and lavish mouthfeel, it’s a great digestif (neat or over ice) or as component of a cocktail or dessert.

For cocktails, why not adopt Baileys Almande as orgeat’s ‘heavier cousin’? Try in a Mai Tai riff, using a spiced rum with nutty elements to draw out the Almande. It plays nicely with lime, pineapple and orange liqueur notes for a more weighted after dinner drink.


There is a whole world of indulgence that can be served up with a simple addition of Baileys. It’s an easy way to up-sell a dessert or add an extra layer of indulgence to your coffee or cocktails.

Here are a few delicious Baileys-inspired recipes to try at your venue:

Baileys Almande Peach Smoothie Recipe (serves 4):



  1. Blend all ingredients with ice.
  2. Garnish with sliced peaches and top with almonds.

Alcohol content: 6 fl oz. per serve