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Successive managers of Cragganmore have strived to continue to deliver the sweetest, most complex of Malt Whiskies.


The Cragganmore Distillery was founded in 1869 by John Smith, who is said to have been the most experienced distiller of his day.

Interesting Facts:

Perhaps the most revered distiller in 19th century Scotland, John Smith was a huge man, a pioneering "heavyweight" of the Whisky trade in every sense.

Smith designed Cragganmore distillery around a unique, flat-topped still to deliver complex aromas and flavors, so it’s a true "Designer Malt."

Cragganmore was considered by one of the world’s most famous and influential Scotch Whisky authors—the late Michael Jackson—to have “the most complex aroma of any malt.”

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Find a world of popular and exciting serves featuring Cragganmore.

This brand’s most renowned expression is Cragganmore 12 Year Old—hugely complex, rich with layers of flavor and a whiff of smoke in the finish—but it offers other variants to suit more styles and tastes.