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Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions is a spirit drink aimed at consumers looking to cut down on their sugar intake. With an ABV of 30%, the Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions are free from gluten and made without artificial flavors or colors.

Flavor Profile

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions are available in three delicious tasting flavors - cucumber and lime, watermelon and mint, and strawberry and rose, with the perfect balance of natural and fruity flavors at the heart of the liquid, with good spirit cut-through.

Perfect Serve

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions features zero sugar and 100% flavor.

For an easy serve, simply add 1 1/2 oz of your favorite Zero Sugar variant, add 3 oz of soda, garnish, and you’re done!

Alcohol content: 0.6 fl oz. per serve

Key Facts

- Delicious flavor combinations include Cucumber & Lime, Strawberry & Rose, Watermelon & Mint, and Lemon & Elderflower.

- Each of the new Zero Sugar Infusions clocks in at just 72 calories per 1.5 oz serving—with zero grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fat, and zero grams of sugar.