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How To Survive The New Year's Eve Shift

New Year’s Eve is often one of the biggest nights of the year! It is a night when we reflect on the past year and look forward to what's ahead! So how can you prepare for a night to remember? We travelled the globe to talk to some of the world's leading bar staff to find out how they ensure New Year's Eve finishes off the year with a bang!

James Gentile—leading Australian bartender at Bobéche, Perth

On NYE, you have your regular crowd, but you also find a lot of people who venture out for the evening who normally wouldn’t be out in the city. I get a real kick out of these people because everything is a relatively new experience and you have the ability to really shine.

My tips to survive a NYE shift:

Top tip: Lastly, don’t work New Year’s Day—we deserve a time to celebrate as well!

My NYE Cocktail—Auld Lang Syne


In a tin shake the JOHNNIE WALKER Black Label,, apple liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup and bitters to a cocktail shaker and shake.

Spray a chilled coupe glass with lemon thyme tincture and add Champagne to the glass.

Double strain the rest into the glass.

Garnish rim of glass with fresh lemon thyme.

Paradee Sahathanasomboon—World Class finalist and bartender at Vesper, Bangkok

NYE is always more busy and you finish later than usual but in my eyes it has a more relaxed atmosphere. and often unusual things happen!

My tips to survive a NYE shift:

Top tip: Enjoy it!

My NYE cocktail - Italian 75


Shake all ingredients and pour into Champagne glass.

Top with sparkling wine and lemon twist to garnish.

Andrew Joy, leading Maître D At Marion, Melbourne

NYE is a great night to work—people are there for a good time (if they like it or not), they are open to suggestions and they are definitely ready to try new things! People will be interested in any additional drinks you may have so it’s a good time to have a few suggestions on hand.

My tips to survive a NYE shift:

Top tip: As hospitality professionals, we are all aware that NYE really starts after everyone else has gone home. Your turn at the revelry will come, so just be professional for the night and you will probably enjoy it more.

Misja Vorstermans, one of Amsterdam’s leading bartenders

I always liked working NYE. Some of my most unusual NYE’s have been special events on yachts. One year I was flown to St. Barths to make drinks for the rich and famous. It’s also an occasion where I have seen many wedding proposals at the stroke of midnight!

My tips to survive a NYE shift:

Top tip: We had a "day after" team so after the shift the staff didn’t need to restock, clean, etc.

My NYE cocktail - Happy Raspberry


Shake all ingredients except the sparkling wine and strain into a flute glass.

Layer the sparkling wine on top.

Add a pinch of freshly ground black pepper on top of the drink and garnish with the raspberries.

Lynette Marrero—Leading New York bartender, works at Llama Inn Brooklyn.

NYE differs from other holidays for several reasons. Firstly, it is an occasion holiday, it is a night of grand celebration. It can also be a very different experience because many bars close down for special events.

My tips to survive a NYE shift:

Top tip: Wait to celebrate with your team until after the bar closes, and remember to always drink responsibly. New Year’s Day is the best day for the service industry to get a proper rest!

My NYE cocktail—Casa Santo Domingo


Combine ZACAPA XO Rum, orange liqueur, Angostura bitters, Peychaud bitters and orange bitters in cocktail shaker.

Stir gently.

Strain contents into cocktail glass.

Top with Champagne.

Garnish with orange twist.

(*One standard drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol)