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Halloween is one of the most social occasions of the year. A night that involves dressing up, eating, drinking and, without a doubt, lots of ghoulish decorations. Simply put, it’s an occasion made for bars!

It’s the perfect opportunity to drive new customers through your door, excite your regulars and change up the atmosphere for your bar staff. So how do you go about planning and hosting a Halloween night? Check out our top tips—along with some free downloadable menus, posters and recipes to help you get ready for a real spooky night.

How will you host?

There are lots of things you can do to make your bar stand out and give customers a reason to choose your venue!

Promoting the spooky night

Social media is one of the key ways to promote your event and get the word out! Create an “event” on Facebook, tweet an offer out to your regulars and ensure everyone knows about your hashtag for the event so you can track all those #HalloweenSelfies on Instagram, but remember to always ask your customers' permission before posting any photos of them. If you have a customer database, it’s worth emailing an invite to them—they may end up forwarding it on to their friends too. Update your website’s blog or events page to include special offers and your themed menus for the night.

Spread the word early, especially if you’re planning a costume night so your customers can get their outfits ready as soon as they can! Your regulars are likely to be in your venue in the weeks prior to your event, so promote your event and the Halloween serves that will be on offer with posters and themed menus.

Download your free Halloween Facebook banner and menu here.

Get your bar ready

As with any busy night in your bar, preparation is key. Check these four things off your list so you’re confident in hosting a great night.

  1. Ensure your bar is fully stocked and backups of all products are close at hand and not locked away in a store room. Our “10-Step Workstation Setup” is a great guide.
  2. Pre-cut garnishes to avoid spending time preparing during service. Place in containers with a damp napkin over them to keep them fresh and ready to swap in once your station has run out.
  3. Check your glassware for the evening to ensure you have enough, especially, if your theme serves require specific glassware.
  4. A pre-service run-through is always invaluable. Ensure everyone knows the Halloween serves on offer, can recommend them confidently and knows how to make them.

Maximize the impact of the night

Download your free Halloween posters, recipe cards and social media assets here!