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The most important person working in any bar is you, the bartenders and waitstaff. You shape a customer’s experience, you are the personality of your outlet and you are what makes a customer come back for more. So how do you ensure you are the best you can be? How can you progress in the industry and fulfill your ambitions?

As with any career, it is important to have the correct training and skills and keep up to date with the latest trends. At Diageo Bar Academy we are solely set up for you, the bar staff. As well as offering physical trainings in outlets Diageo Bar Academy has a range of articles, insights and trainings for you to explore online:

Free Membership

You can sign up and become a member of the website for free and be connected to global experts, have access to key events and also be sent a monthly newsletter containing all the hottest news, articles and recipes.

News and Trends

We strive to keep ahead of the latest news and trends in the industry. Whether that’s food and cocktail pairing or the latest unusual ingredients bartenders are using, we have it covered.

Experts and Influencers

From WORLD CLASS winners to bartender gods, we speak to the biggest names in the industry and get their insights, tips and advice.

Tips and Tricks
Want to know how to make a signature serve? Or which bar tools you should be using? Every month we have an article which covers a step-by-step guide for each practical skill you need to know.

Recipes and Inspiration

Not sure what cocktail to make or want to make something new? Take a look at our vast recipe section and find your inspiration now.

Free Downloadable Assets Ready to Use in Your Bar

Another benefit of being a Diageo Bar Academy member is our free downloadable assets that you can print and use in your bar. For example, we have menus, posters and recipes cards that you can use to help promote your outlet or give you some inspiration for some new serves. Take a look at some of our downloads here.