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Indulgent serves to delight your customers

If your customers are asking for an indulgent and delicious digestif, there is no better liqueur to get creative with than Baileys. We take a look at the story behind the world’s premier cream liqueur and what makes it the perfect after-dinner treat.

The story of Baileys

The Baileys story began in Dublin in 1974 when creator, David Dand first dreamed of creating a unique and luxuriously indulgent Liqueur.

Alongside his passionate team of experts David began his mission to create the Baileys recipe: a blend of two of Ireland’s most delicious ingredients – rich dairy cream and the finest Whiskey.

The first version of the Baileys recipe was created with an ordinary kitchen mixer. It was utterly delicious (of course) but a winning recipe didn’t come easily. Getting cream and Whiskey to successfully combine in one bottle without separating is a tricky business, but David and his team resolved never to give up.

Three years of trials, experimentation and a stroke of genius later, they had a breakthrough and managed to get these two unlikely partners to blend perfectly, resulting in the luxurious liquid we know and love across the world today.

Did you know?

Baileys flavor profile

AROMA: A complex chocolate aroma with hints of exotic vanilla and the soft scent of Irish Whiskey.

TASTE: Smooth Irish Whiskey perfectly complements the richness of the fresh dairy cream, cocoa and vanilla, resulting in a luxurious, indulgent taste.

MOUTH FEEL: The warming sensation of Whiskey coupled with fresh cream gives Baileys its signature silky-smooth mouthfeel.

A cream Liqueur for the perfect Digestif

The after-dinner occasion is the perfect time to offer your customers something different, especially if they ask for an alternative to dessert. Serving a Digestif boosts sales and offers a unique, memorable experience customers will come back for.

With its creamy and smooth texture alongside notes of vanilla and chocolate, Baileys is the perfect liqueur to create an after-dinner serve that your customers will love.

Get creative and make these indulgent Baileys serves

If you are looking for some recipe inspiration, take a look at these sumptuous Baileys serves. They’re “must have” additions to any cocktail menu.

Baileys Hot Chocolate

1 oz. Baileys Original

Hot chocolate

Whipped cream

Chocolate sauce



Pour Baileys into your favorite mug.

Follow instructions to make up one serving of hot chocolate.

Pour the hot chocolate into the mug with the Baileys and float the whipped cream on top.

Garnish with chocolate sauce and marshmallows.

( One standard drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol )

Baileys Freakshake

1.75 oz. BAILEYS Original

1.75 oz. Chilled espresso

3 Scoops of vanilla ice cream

4.25 oz. Milk

Chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Chocolate sprinkles

BAILEYS cheesecake brownie


Chill the espresso for 2 hours.

Coat the rim of a mason jar with chocolate ganache or sauce and dip in sprinkles.

Drizzle chocolate sauce down the inside and outside of the jar.

Blend the Baileys, 2 scoops ice cream, and half the milk together, gradually adding the remaining milk.

Pour into the jar.

Add a scoop of ice cream, a swirl of whipped cream and a brownie, then drizzle with more sauce.

Finish with sprinkles and a straw.

Baileys Affocato

1.75 oz. BAILEYS Original

1 Scoop of vanilla ice cream

.75 oz. Espresso


Place the scoop of ice cream in the middle of the glass.

Pour Espresso over the ice cream.

Pour Baileys over the ice cream.

(*One standard drink contains 0.6 fluid ounces of alcohol)