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1:1 Consultancy - Guide on how to use Zoom

If you are having any problems please contact and someone will be able to assist you

Once you’ve click on the shared link, join the call by clicking ‘open zoom meetings’

*You do not need to download Zoom to join the session. The session will open on your usual web browser.

Insert the meeting password – given to you in the zoom invitation – and click join meeting. Then wait for the host to let you in.

You can turn your camera on and off at any time by clicking on ‘start/stop video’

Equally, you can mute/unmute yourself at any time by clicking on ‘mute’ / 'audio'

If you need to type something, click ‘chat’ and start typing where it says ‘type message here’

When the call is over, click on ‘end’ and then ‘leave meeting’. This will shut down the meeting on your screen and end your session.