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1:1 Consultancy from Raising the Bar

As part of our Raising the Bar initiative, Diageo’s global programme to support pubs and bars at this difficult time; we are launching the 1:1 Consultancy Programme to our members in the UK. The aim of this programme is to provide hands-on, tangible advice during a one to one session with an expert from a panel of industry experts.

Area of expertise: Reservations

Katie O’Donoghue

Katie O’Donoghue began working in the hospitality industry when she was 16. She is now Head of Training and Support at ResDiary based in the UK. She can help you maximise and manage your reservations, choose a reservations partner, interpret your reservation and client data to incentivise increased business and create a stress-free service so both staff and clients leave happy and satisfied.

You’ll need to be a member of Diageo Bar Academy to make an appointment so either sign in or sign up; and then choose which session you’d like to book by using the booking tool below.

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