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When it comes to cocktail making it’s all about the details and presentation. You can simply add a garnish that will completely transform the look and flavour of the drink. Here we will explore the secrets to adding extra flair to your cocktails with these simple techniques that will elevate your serves.

A Twist Of Orange Peel

Make a statement with a twist of citrus like in an Old Fashioned. Follow the steps below:

  1. Take an orange and hold with a firm grip.
  2. Hold a peeler against the orange and roll it in a circular motion until you have a long strip of orange peel.
  3. Place the peel on a chopping board and carefully slice the edges with a sharp knife and trim the ends to be diagonal.
  4. Next twist the orange peel into a spiral, as tight as you can without breaking the peel and it will eventually loosen.
  5. Add the orange peel to the Old Fashioned wrapping around the ice, then add two maraschino cherries using a skewer and placing over the rim to garnish the drink.

A Slice Of Passionfruit

A fruity modern classic, the Pornstar Martini is always a favourite that requires a simple garnish. For a cost effective way to garnish with passionfruit, follow the steps below.

  1. Simply cut a fresh passionfruit into thirds so you have more fruit to use.
  2. Place the end of passionfruit in the middle of the Pornstar Martini.

Slice Of Cucumber

When garnishing a drink with cucumber, the aim is to infuse the flavour by wrapping the ribbons around the ice to enhance the taste sip by sip. You can have a lot of fun when adding cucumber as garnish and there are many ways you can dress a drink with a simple ribbon. Use the simple steps below:

  1. Take a peeler and peel down the length of the whole cucumber making sure it is even.
  2. Repeat this process until you have a couple of ribbons.
  3. Wrap the cucumber ribbons around the glass and add ice, then add another ribbon and top up with more ice if needed. Use a bar spoon to help move the cucumber around the glass.
  4. A top tip to keep the cucumber ribbons fresh is adding them to a bowl of water and placing them in the refrigerator, this helps the cucumber stay fresh for more than a few hours.

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