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Premier London Bar Now in Hong Kong S.A.R China

As the benchmark for quality bars begins to improve dramatically across Asia, Hong Kong S.A.R China, as a platform for opportunity is certainly beckoning the big names from across the seas. The creators behind London’s high-end bar Boujis are well attuned to the prospect that lies in this burgeoning district and have now secured their very own Hong Kong S.A.R China, counterpart making a home on Pottinger St in Central.

Boujis is a name that rings familiar for many bar and club operators. It is synonymous with London’s buzzing nightlife and hosts a proven track record of excellent service and on trend cocktails. Boujis Hong Kong S.A.R China does not divert from this and guided by the experience of London’s premier bartender William de la Praudiere, the drinks list works well into an emerging cocktail culture with consumers searching for consistent, tasty and well-made drinks. William utilises a selection of premium handcrafted spirits and rare unique brands while offering a back bar full of never before experienced ingredients, making for a truly bespoke West meets East fusion.

The cocktails are urban and adventurous. Choose from the refreshing Pottinger Porn Star; gin and a refreshing ingredient mix of mint, lime and cucumber, or a Breakfast Martini with chase marmalade vodka, orange and lemon. For the endeavouring consumer, Boujis offers two cocktails - London’s Crack Baby or The Hong Kong Hustler, served in a ‘Fabijous Egg’, a large egg-shaped ice sculpture filled with a shot and topped with Veuve Clicquot. Needless to say, these come at a hefty price increase. It is of course, very in sync with the bar's members only method of entry, which comes at an annual fee, all very in tune with the concept of premiumisation.

Inspired by an emerging local consumer base and bar culture with a penchant for a premium, quality drinking experience, William recalls the reason for bringing Boujis to Hong Kong S.A.R China. “Bouijis encapsulates the best ingredients of our London club and marries that with the unique flavour of Hong Kong S.A.R China and its people. We aim to hopefully assist in continuing the growth and expansion of world class bars in Asia while being allowed to experience the remarkable change in consumer drinking fashion.”

As more exciting, small boutique bars continue to pop up and satisfy the type of decadence the consumer base seems to be requesting, only time will tell which other big names like Boujis will wander across the waters to gain access to a market they can so readily succeed in.

By Brittany Lee Waller for Drinks World Asia, a quarterly trade magazine for the Asian beverage industry.