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Happy New Year, we are out on the lookout for the freshest drinks recipes, Diageo Bar Academy catches up with the Ketel One team to find out the latest Bloody Mary recipes for 2016.

The New Year is a time for new promises and new drinks. The Bloody Mary has become a staple beverage which spices up brunches and meals with a vodka and tomato kick. Considered a classic, not to be tampered with, we have decided to explore this concept with the KETEL ONE™ team and check out how they are pushing the Bloody Mary boundaries in 2016.

The Bloody Mary has been a classic cocktail for as far back as the 1920s, when New York bartender Pete Petiot created a basic, undeveloped version, but christened it the Red Snapper. Since then bartenders around the world have revelled in serving this deliciously rich tomato drink to consumers looking for a spicy kick. Associated with being the perfect early afternoon drink, the Bloody Mary is becoming as intrinsically linked to brunch as a good old fashioned sausage.

The Classic Bloody Mary

Before we explore the new recipes ideas click below to watch World Class winner Tim Philips’s take on the perfect Bloody Mary, as no doubt there is a lot of debate to what makes the perfect one.

The Classic Bloody Mary

The Alternative Bloody Marys

We can’t think of anything better than enjoying a Bloody Mary with brunch, however times have moved on and not everyone enjoys a tomato based Bloody Mary, which got us thinking…

The Bloody Mary is a drink of balance and slight culinary understanding; therefore if you don’t want your main component to be tomato juice then… it doesn’t have to be! One of our good bartender friends once said, “If you define a Bloody Mary as a savoury and restorative cocktail, then you can have fun experimenting with the ingredients”.

Vodka is the most vital ingredient to a Bloody Mary drink and one that cannot be replaced. Even though we suggest mixing up the serves we always recommend sticking to vodka as the core spirit. Naturally it makes sense to use the best; Ketel One is steeped in history, passed down by ten generations of the Nolet family.

With this in mind our bartender friends and family have been busy creating some of the world’s best alternative Bloody Marys. We have been experimenting with carrots, beetroot, lettuce... the list goes on. With careful measuring and mixing we are ready to share our three recipes with you:

Light & Fresh

The Light & Fresh Bloody Mary uses a fresh lettuce, cucumber and citrus juice to lighten the traditional tomato base.

METHOD: Add all these ingredients to your glass stir vigorously and fill with ice before garnishing ornately.

(2 standard drinks*- 1.6 units per serve)

Sweet & Upbeat

To make the Sweet & Upbeat Bloody Mary the juice consists of fresh apples, carrots and pears, perfect for someone with a sweeter tooth.

Add all these ingredients to your glass stir vigorously & fill with ice before garnishing ornately

(2 standard drinks*- 1.6 units per serve)

Bold & Savoury

For a Savoury twist on a classic Bloody Mary, this recipe replaces tomato juice bold beetroot and savoury cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

METHOD: Add all these ingredients to your glass, stir vigorously & fill with ice before garnishing ornately.

(2 standard drinks*- 1.6 units per serve)

Invite your friends and family round for a Ketel One brunch and create one of our alternative Bloody Marys.

As they say at the home of Ketel One: Proost!

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