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After working in great cocktail bars for over twenty years in London and training as a chef in Italy, Federico Riezzo shares his tops tips for creating sumptuous treats for your guests and tells us the treating trends that are sure to be a sweet success.

I founded Catch Events in 2015 with my business partner Ciaran and we have managed all Baileys events and concepts since 2017.

We were the first to launch the Baileys Treat Bar as a global concept in Ireland and we were overwhelmed by the positive reaction from consumers. Over the years, I have created over 50 bespoke Baileys recipes as well as given masterclasses and presentations on all Baileys and Treats subjects. While Baileys is often considered a Christmas treat, it is able to do a lot more!

The needs of consumers have changed. With consumers expecting now to indulge in not just delicious treats but ones that are premium, there is a particular onus on hospitality staff to offer an exclusive and indulgent experience.

There is a perfect opportunity to present customers with treats that are a feast for both their eyes and palate. There has been a lot more effort from restaurant and bar owners to showcase their offering from the very beginning by presenting the consumer with mouth-watering aperitifs as well as seriously indulgent liquid treats.


Over the last few years, we have also witnessed a global appreciation for more crafted and specialised sweet offerings like croissants, churros and cannoli.

The way we consume treats has also changed lately. Mostly because of a people choosing a healthier approach to life, it has shifted consumption more towards quality rather than quantity and this is something that I truly believe in - treat yourself maybe a little less, but when you do it, do it better by spending a little more on quality and premium produce. Baileys offers this opportunity as a truly innovative liquid.

Tune in as treating experts Dr Morgaine Gaye and Darren Hogarty predict the sweet future for treats


I have seen hundreds of recipes where Baileys is used as an ingredient option for cake, biscuits, and other desserts - its versatility is unique. I think Baileys has done incredible work in blending the boundaries between a dessert and cocktail – creating an environment that allows for the best of both worlds.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when curating a menu that reflects the versatility of Baileys.

Taking the classic desserts like a Tiramisu or an Eton Mess and adding an extra element to create something like a Baileys Tiramisu Martini for example can create greater depth of flavour as well as more premium experience, and can help your business stand out.


While people still want to be indulgent, a trend that is becoming common place in bars and restaurants is a more conscious approach to the food and drink that is being consumed. Some people don’t want traditional sugary items however, this should not deter bartenders to create indulgent treats.

You can still create treats and use healthier ingredients like coconut or oat milk or using different sweeteners like agave or honey can help people enjoy indulgent tastes. This creates deeper flavour profiles with uncommon combinations.

As well as this, there are a few Baileys variants that can be easily swapped out. Instead of Original Irish Cream, you can offer guests Baileys Deliciously Light or Baileys Alamande. I have made a delicious vegan frappuccino using the latter with some hazelnut syrup, espresso, and hazelnut milk.


The Baileys Treat report is a great way of getting inspiration for your serves and delivering what your customers. Most of the content in there can be reproduced without any expertise required or expensive equipment.

From an aesthetic point of view, I really love the natural sweet treats and, of course, the sculpture made sweets which are visually astounding.

The natural sweet treats are making things like edible geode cakes and chocolates with sugar crystals inside. These create an illusion of minerals that you find in rock formations. The sculpture made sweets are turning sweet treats into works of art. Using technology like 3D printing, cakes are being made to be hyper-textured and look like oil paintings!

Group Desserts for Sharing

On the other hand, another trend I particularly love is the ‘sharing treat’ like the cones and the sharing sticks because I am very fond of conviviality and sharing always makes everything taste better. The opportunity for digestif and after dinner opportunities is only increasing with time.

I think that together with all the trends seen on the Baileys Treat report there will be a further exploration of national and regional desserts. A decade ago, not many people would have heard of, and tried the likes of Macaroons, Mochi or even Pasteis De Nata, but they have now become a common sight on menus.

Another trend we’re beginning to see is the transformation of normally savoury staples into sweet treats, like Sweet Pizzas or Doughnut Fries. Known as ‘Clashing Combos’ these are being crafted on the menus and are paired with show-stopping garnishes.


I am Italian and I grew up with the ethos of using few ingredients for a great quality. For example a Baileys Affogato is such a simple, yet delicious treat. To make this you take a scoop of good quality vanilla gelato, an espresso, and a dash of Baileys. Combining them together creates a high level of indulgence.

Another great and simple way to enjoy Baileys is in a Tiramisu Martini, which is a little more complicated than the Affogato but still super easy to make.



1.Shake everything together with ice

2. Once shaken, pour into a chilled coupette/martini glass and dust with bitter cocoa.

It’s bitter, it’s sweet, it’s creamy, and luscious, and its exactly what I was describing above, a perfect hybrid between a dessert and a cocktail. There are plenty of digestifs to try and to become excited about – Baileys allows for this versatility.

Alcohol content: 5.37g per serve

Everyone loves coffee, so why add a little sweetness?

Baileys Flat White Martini

This delicious cocktail is rich, smooth and creamy, with a frothy finish and a delightful coffee kick.



  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in all ingredients.
  2. Garnish with 3 coffee beans.
  3. Enjoy!

Alcohol content: 14.1g per serve

Five Key Takeaways

1. Baileys is versatile – not just for Christmas

2. Take advantage of after dinner moments and digestif

3. More quality and less quantity

4. Read the Baileys treat report for inspiration

5. Look for healthy alternatives for the conscious consumer

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