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Seedlip launched the world’s first zero alcohol spirit in 2014 and in doing so, changed the way we think about and drink our non-alcoholic drinks. Since then, both the brand, and the new category they pioneered have gone from strength to strength with major players like Gordon’s and Tanqueray launching zero alcohol spirits.

Initially it was assumed that the zero-alcohol category was the domain of abstainers and so there was an emphasis on promoting these options during recognised periods of abstinence like “Dry January” and “Stop-Tober” but with 37% of adult drinkers now moderating their alcohol consumption rather than cutting alcohol out completely, more and more people are using zero-alcohol spirits as a means to moderate and to extend the occasions where they do consume alcohol by switching between alcoholic and zero-alcohol drinks options within their drinking occasions.

This means that the previous emphasis on periods of abstinence was misguided and that zero alcohol spirits can represent a profitable line for operators year-round!

We’ve got three top tips for how zero-alcohol products can work within your overall drinks offer.

Your zero-alcohol drinks should be easy to find on the back bar and menu

If you stock more than one zero-alcohol spirit then group your offering together on the back bar as you would for any other category, this will make it easier for customers to identify and choose from the zero-alcohol spirit range that you stock.

List the zero- alcohol products you offer, including the finished drinks they work best in on your menu in a clearly defined section that makes them easy to find

Zero-alcohol finished drinks should blend in, not stand out

From a finished drink perspective, the zero-alcohol drinks options that you offer should blend into and be indistinguishable from your equivalent alcoholic drinks.

People abstaining or moderating don’t want to have a spotlight shone on that fact.

By making your zero-alcohol drinks visibly indistinguishable from your alcoholic drinks you enable all drinkers to participate in and enjoy the occasion regardless of what they happen to be drinking.

Champion flavour

Those not drinking alcohol want the same flavour experience and complexity from their drinks as those consuming alcohol. Taste is the key factor determining what people choose to drink and so ensuring that your zero-alcohol offering is just as vibrant, complex and interesting as your alcohol offer is critical.

This means that if you offer cocktails you should also offer zero-alcohol options.

*Kantar: 12M 2020

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