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From the power of upselling, to minimising wastage and increasing profits, ensure your bar is firing on all cylinders with these exclusive calculators

Our exclusive Bar Management calculators will help you maximise your overheads, boost customer satisfaction and increase sales for your venue!


We all know that over-pouring, spillages and incorrect orders can effect your bar’s profits, but can you put a figure on it?

Take a look at our wastage calculator to check the potential costs of wasting your stock.

Profitability Calculator

Want to compare and measure the profitability of your mixed drinks?

Check out our profitability calculator to discover which serves are driving the most profit in your bar.


If you think upselling is simply about selling more, think again. It’s an opportunity to exceed customer expectations and build trust.

Find out about the power of upselling and how you can boost sales and customer satisfaction in your venue.