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Next up in our digital series we are looking at local marketing. Local or location-based online marketing is a massive opportunity for your outlet to tap into the people who are looking for a great place to eat and drink in your area.

Take a look at our guide to help you guide locals to your outlet!!!

Get your business on an online map

The easier it is for people to find your outlet on an online map, the higher chance that they will find their way to your door! Ensure the address, opening hours and your outlet’s contact details are correct. You should also add high quality photography and allow for reviews within your business profile.

There are two online maps you should ensure you appear on:

-Google maps

-Apple maps

Create local adverts

Many people search online before they visit a venue so you can target these people via Google local search and Facebook and Twitter adverts.

Google local search

You can bid for local search terms in Google that only people close to you will use.

Facebook and Twitter ads

You can also post local adverts on Facebook and Twitter and geo target people in your area. You can also refine this targeting by age and other interests’ people may have.

Be active on review sites

Tourists and new customers often look up reviews before they visit.

Make sure your outlet has accurate descriptions and compelling photos on review sites such as Trip Advisor.

When someone writes a review ensure you acknowledge it and respond to them - whether the review is positive or not!

Time to get started!

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