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If your outlet is not already on social media it is time to start! With many people using a lot of their online time on social media, these channels are a great way to share content, make instant connections and build relationships with current and future fans. Take a look at our step by step guide to getting your bar noticed.

We already know 4 reasons why your bar should be on social media but how do you do it and which channel should you be using?


Using Facebook is a great way to connect directly with current and potential fans.

3 quick ideas:

Top Tip - 80% of Facebook video is watched without sound. Don’t rely on sound and/or use subtitles.


Twitter can really help your outlet to stay on the pulse of your area, tap into trends in the drinks industry and get in touch with local influencers.

3 Quick Ideas:

Top Tip - Twitter is a hot spot for customer service queries. Check it at least twice daily to catch queries and complaints.


Instagram is a great visual channel to inspire fans and attract new customers by posting beautiful images and short-form videos.

3 Quick Ideas:

Top Tip - While videos are increasingly popular on Instagram, images still get a higher level of engagement and likes.

Time to get started

An important factor to remember is quality over quantity! You don’t need to be on every social media channel but remember to create engaging content on a regular basis on the channels that you do have.

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