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Sustainability need not be a fleeting trend but a lasting movement and cost-saving movements for your bar. Sean Finter, Founder of Barmetrix, shares his sustainability tips and tricks that have had a huge impact on his business and staff.


Like most bar owners, I was once more focused on how to make payroll than how to reduce my carbon footprint. However, one night, I remember being so shocked at how much waste there was across the business

From this point, food costs and waste reduction became the key focus amongst the team. We found that 14% of our food was wasted so we set a goal to reduce this down to 4% or less by making three simple changes.

  1. Reducing food portions sizes
  2. Introducing a compost bin for waste
  3. Labelling and dating food so First In First Out (FIFO) policy could be implemented and no food was wasted.


In order to accomplish our food waste reduction goal, the whole team needed to be onboard. We came up with ways to reward staff for ideas on how we can accomplish our sustainability efforts.

We introduced the” family meal programme” so everyone benefited along with the planet, and profit margins. This involved each of us cooking our own family recipes for the team. It was a great opportunity for team bonding, and I can’t tell you how educational and wonderful it was to get to know each other on a deeper level.

We accomplished our goal of 4% or less in a month and our weekly stock takes continued to make steady improvements. A win for the management (reduced cost and higher staff engagement), a win for the staff (great meals daily) and a win for the planet!


We didn’t stop there… We also had an environmental study performed on the building and found a range of low-cost solutions that would cut our energy costs and water usage substantially. We knew that human behavioural change, not just technology would drive the biggest improvement in our sustainability, so we appointed two people to lead this project (one from the kitchen, one from the host stand) and promised them 50% of the cost savings from year one. We implemented a range of solutions such as motion sensors on the light switches in back of house, push timer facets on hand wash station, LED lightbulbs, and automatic doors on the walk-in fridges. This project too was a success and made such a difference culturally and financially.

Little by little, we continued to chip away at our businesses carbon footprint. We set a goal to reduce paper goods by 20%, we switched over many of our chemicals to environmentally friendly ones, we dropped our plastic consumption by 20%, etc. Seeing my team so engaged was incredible!

Overall, becoming sustainable was good for our business. We cut costs, attracted new clientele interested in a greener restaurant and bar. Staff where happier and we have reduced our carbon footprint dramatically.


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