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Liquids are your tools, so what will you be working with?

Explore this section to learn more about the unique flavours and characteristics of your liquids of choice and how to put them to best use behind your bar.

  • Vodka


    From the classic clear, clean-tasting, triple-distilled spirit, through to contemporary flavoured styles, vodka's supreme mixability has made it the base for some of the world's favourite cocktails and mixed drinks. 

  • Gin


    One of the oldest and most historic category of spirits. Classically made from juniper berries, it has grown to use many other botanicals in various styles.

  • Rum


    Rum is the spirit of the tropics made from molasses or virgin sugar cane. Rums may be dark, clear or golden, rested for a few days or aged for many years, but the Caribbean or South America location is always at its heart.

  • Scotch Whisky

    Scotch Whisky

    Scottish whisky is one of the great products of the world, a spirit that comes from small, windswept islands in the Atlantic and rolling valleys cut by winding rivers, to give a range of intense, inspiring aromas and tastes.

  • American Whiskey

    American Whiskey

    North American and Irish Whiskey distinguish themselves from their Scottish counterpart - both in production but also maturation styles. Let us take you on a journey around the world to discover more of these.

  • Irish Whiskey

    Irish Whiskey

    The history of Ireland and whiskey go hand in hand, Irish whiskey is one of the oldest spirits in Europe having been distilling since the 6th century.

  • Tequila


    The spirit of Mexico in more ways than one, tequila is distilled from the heart of the blue agave. The result is a rich, sophisticated spirit with a character that's innate to the country.

  • Liqueurs & Spirited Drinks

    Liqueurs & Spirited Drinks

    These products embrace an incredible array of ingredients, from the familiar to the exotic, and are often used as part of the bartender’s repertoire in making cocktails.


  • Beer


    One of the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverages, beer falls into three main categories: lager, ale and stout, offering an endless variety of taste experiences to be discovered and enjoyed.

  • ​Baijiu

    Baijiu is China’s national drink and can be traced back to being made 5,000 years ago. Nowadays, Baijiu is starting to be used more and more globally and has even moved into cocktails!