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On May 14th 2016, one of the world’s oldest family distilleries united with extended friends and family across the globe to mark a historic milestone. The Nolet Distillery, home of KETEL ONE™ VODKA, turned 325 years old.

Centred in the heart of Schiedam, the Netherlands, the Nolet Distillery was established in 1691 by Joannes Nolet and has since passed through the hands of 11 generations of the same family; each Nolet expanding their knowledge to improve their distilling techniques to produce the highest quality of spirits. It’s where Carolus Nolet, the 10th Generation, first merged their old world pot-still and modern distillation techniques to create KETEL ONE™ VODKA.

This remarkable heritage, craftsmanship and passion goes into every single bottle of KETEL ONE™ VODKA. To this day, a member of the Nolet family personally approves every final production run before bottling, signing their name to guarantee KETEL ONE™’s signature crispquality.

“There aren’t many alcoholic beverage makers who can look back over the past 300 years, put their hands on their hearts and say ‘our family inspired this.’ To us, our family is everything; it makes us who we are today and as we’ve grown, luckily for us, so has our global family,” says Bob Nolet.

As the Nolet Distillery turns 325, the family threw a celebration with a difference at the distillery in Schiedam, enjoyed by more than 400 VIP guests from across the world. Bars, friends and family across the globe celebrated the occasion with a Dutch ‘proost’ – a global toast.

As the Nolets celebrate 325 years of distilling expertise, they’ve also released a limited edition bottle of KETEL ONE™ VODKA. The copper colour of the special edition bottle pays tribute to the role that copper pot distillation plays in creating KETEL ONE™ VODKA and the decoration is inspired by the ironwork above the entrance to the 325 year old distillery. Eleven coins decorate the sides and back of the bottle, each representing one of the eleven generations of Nolet family distillers.