Baileys® Global Customer Marketing Manager Andrea Phillips tells us about a new range of bespoke cocktails celebrating friendships serves that will be perfect for your bar over the festive period…

How do you build a relationship with your customers so they keep coming back for more?

One way is to be innovative and we’ve got just the recipes just for you to give you some inspiration…

Baileys® has recently released a new range of serves inspired by women, for women (and men too if they are partial to Baileys). They want to introduce a new generation of millennial women to Baileys and offer bartenders a new way of doing something fresh with the Original Irish Cream.

These recipes will provide an ideal opportunity to offer Baileys as the perfect way for girlfriends to toast each other and a fresh new way of serving our Irish Cream liqueur that perfectly captures friendship and celebration.

Girl Power

These recipes celebrate powerful female friendships and the great things that happen when women get together. They are perfect drinks to suggest to groups of friends who are out to celebrate over the Christmas period.

As soon as you mix up these cocktails, your female guests won’t look back…

The Recipes

Birthday Cake

50ml Baileys®

Whipped cream

Multi-coloured sprinkles

Method: Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a shot glass. Add whipped cream.

Garnish: Add multi-coloured sprinkles.

(1.5 standard drinks* and 0.85 units of alcohol per serve)

Rich and Famous

25ml Baileys®

25ml Smirnoff® Gold

Whipped cream

Sprinkled cinnamon

Method: Mix ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a shot glass.

Garnish: Add Cherry.

(1.5 standard drinks* and 1.37 units of alcohol per serve)

Famous Faces

As part of the Baileys activity running up to Christmas, the brand has been collaborating with some famous faces - check out this drinkspiration from UK model Daisy Lowe, Italian Designer Eleanora Carisi…

Wild Rose (Daisy Lowe)

Oh So Cocco (Eleonora Carisi)

So if you’re looking for something new over the festive season then these are the serves for you.

Good luck…Enjoy…and remember to have fun…Responsibly!

(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)

Andrea Phillips is the Global Customer Marketing Manager for Baileys; a brewer by trade, a wife and mum-of-three, she enjoys nothing better than raising a toast with her girlfriends and celebrating all that’s great in life.