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Following the launch of Diageo Bar Academy’s brand new Batching 101 Training Module, we caught up with Pasan Wijesena on how he and his team at Earl’s Juke Joint and Jacoby’s got creative and clever when it came to batching and bottling their signature serves, delivering with love to locals and fans alike at-home.

Pasan comments….

This may sound obvious, but make sure it's a good drink - no different to any you may serve in your own venue. Keep in mind that your guest is going to try and recreate some of the magic they’ve experienced at your venue. It’s special for them, so treat it as such.

Make life easy for yourself. It’s better to under promise and over deliver. Pay attention to what sells in your venue and work from there. Be clear on your labelling, list all ingredients, serves per package and any serving instructions, but remember to do your research into what’s required from a legal point of view.

Make it look good - cocktails are a treat for the eyes also. Your packaging is also going to advertise your bar to others.

Please use good booze! Let's make sure the base of your drink can stand up on its own.

If your drinks are purchased to enjoy later, unless you have a zero oxygen bottling facility, give some regard to shelf stability. Cocktails with an ABV around 25% will last, and anything stronger may actually get better with age as the flavours marry.

If using perishable ingredients - list this and make it clear that the drink has a best before date. Try to adjust balance with acid, infusions or ferments in lieu of fresh ingredients. Maybe think about techniques to add texture and depth. If you’re carbonating your drink, go for lower ABV styles.

Use scales and measuring tubs - remember Anthony Bourdain’s fetishistic love for square storage tubs? Be like Tony. Work out your par levels and measure everything accurately. Factor in dilution so your guest can enjoy it without further process.

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