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The mindset of one staff member can change the dynamics of a whole shift and affect those around them. Keeping up a positive and cohesive work environment has always been one of the keys to success. Here’s Nat Ng’s three easy guidelines to help keep team morale high at her popular Sydney CBD bar, Door Knock.

1. Set individual timelines and goals

Without the structure of a roster/work hours, many will struggle to stay motivated. Managers can help by planning out a timeline of achievable goals with each individual staff member and ensuring that they stick to this “new” structure. This can be a mix of personal and work achievements, whether it has been something they have been putting off for a while like organising their closet, finishing a book or cleaning out BOH at work.

2. Upskilling

There are plenty of free TAFE or online courses that are conducive to hospitality – Diageo Bar Academy for starters! Centered around wellbeing and business management to Excel / Microsoft workshops, social media or leadership skills. Encourage staff members to gain more confidence in areas where they lack experience. This can be anything from learning to costing out a cocktail list or expanding on their spirit and classic cocktail knowledge. See here for the latest Diageo Bar Academy sessions being hosted online by some of the best in the business.

3. Keep in touch

Whether it be a fortnightly Zoom call with the whole team, or a simple text here and there, it is imperative that as a team you are checking in on each other and staying in touch. We all know in hospitality your team is the family you never asked for but are grateful to have. Leadership comes in all shapes and forms, there is no time like the present to show that you value your team.