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Minimize waste in your bar with Nick Tesar

Reduce wastage

Melbourne bartender Nick Tesar shares with us his top tips to minimize waste in your bar to maximise profits and do your bit for the environment.

“Minimising waste comes in many forms in the bar environment and a big part of doing this is down to planning. From working with local suppliers, reducing food miles, having a more considered menu and operating as a cohesive team, front and back of house.”

Reducing Food Waste:

When looking to reduce food waste, the single most important change to make is in menu writing.

Look at what is in season.

Break down the ingredients - extract the most flavour that you can

When making a syrup, shrub or tincture - try to make something that will work both in an alcoholic and non-alcoholic menu offering.

Stabilise certain ingredients by fortifying (batching), acidulating or freezing

Are garnishes necessary? We choose not to use garnishes, to minimise waste, instead spraying an aromatic tincture over a drink where required.

Use the kitchen team - unused ingredient components such as stems, or juices are preserved in the form of vinegars and dried powders for seasoning future menu items.

Work towards having a compost program

Reducing Packaging & Food Miles:

Purchasing in bulk from local suppliers where possible. Get large-format vessels refilled.

Work with small local producers to use what is at the peak of seasonality

Plan purchasing so that deliveries can be once or twice a week

Reducing Presentation Waste:

Online menus

Reusable coasters

Doing away with cocktail napkins and straws

While no one is perfect, every small change that can be made will make a positive impact in the long run.“

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