Australian Webinar Schedule

Our online masterclasses offer free training opportunities for bar teams, with practical advice and expert knowledge shared by the industries finest. All our sessions are completely inclusive for all levels and will cover a range of topics, from categories to brands and how to market your business.

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Tuesday 22nd September – 3pm (AEST)

Essentials – Spirits & Food – hosted by Brand Ambassador (QLD) Tim Glasson

Explore the world of spirits & food matches in this bite sized 20 minute session.

Discover why spirits & cocktails are proven to deliver a more positive experience for consumers when eating out, and how you can best take advantage of these pairing opportunities.

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Thursday 24th September - 3pm (AEST)

Essentials – Summer Serves – hosted by Brand Ambassador (NSW) Gemma Duff

During this 20 minute session we will show case our summer serves, and explain why context is so important to why a drink works.

Discern the key similarities between the drinks and how focusing on these can help you create a flawless product and a great customer experience.

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Tuesday 29th September – 3pm (AEST)

Foundations - The Importance of the Aperitif– hosted by Brand Ambassador (WA) Jonny Nease

Discover the art of the Aperitif with Diageo Bar Academy.

Introduce yourself to the world of fortified wine and understand the relevance of lower alcohol serves in the modern day drinks menu in this 20 minute bite sized session.

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Uncover the evolution of the cocktail with Diageo Bar Academy’s Essential Cocktails recipe card.

Download the ultimate guide to successfully batching and bottling your creations.

Get your hands on our wellbeing guide brought to you by Johnnie Walker.


Gemma Duff - World Class Brand Ambassador NSW


Tim Glasson – World Class Brand Ambassador QLD


Jonny Nease - World Class Brand Ambassador WA


Nicholas Edwards - World Class Brand Ambassador VIC


Katie Nagar - National Whisky Ambassador