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Our online masterclasses offer free training opportunities for bar teams, with practical advice and expert knowledge shared by the industries finest. All our sessions are completely inclusive for all levels and will cover a range of topics, from categories to brands and how to market your business.

Designing the perfect Cocktails list

Evan Stroeve and Krystal Hart discuss how to bring together a cocktail menu.

Catering for our Guest

Kate McGraw hosted Will Oxenham (Maybe Sammy, Dante) and Mark Leahy (Gimlet, BYRDI) for an aspirational session about elevating yours and your venue’s service.


Uncover the evolution of the cocktail with Diageo Bar Academy’s Essential Cocktails recipe card.

Download the ultimate guide to successfully batching and bottling your creations.

Get your hands on our wellbeing guide brought to you by Johnnie Walker.


Kate McGraw - Diageo Brand Ambassador NSW

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Savanna McDonald - Diageo Brand Ambassador WA

Matt Linklater - Diageo Brand Ambassador VIC

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Marco Nunes - Diageo Bar Academy Trainer QLD

Will Sleeman - Diageo Bar Academy Trainer VIC

James Gentile - Diageo Bar Academy Trainer WA

Kelsey Smith - Diageo Bar Academy Trainer NSW

Conor O'Brien - Diageo Bar Academy Trainer NSW