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We asked World Class Australia Brand Ambassador Gemma Duff some top tips on how to look after yourself.

Treat yourself kind.

A widely circulated study found that plants flourished when fuelled with positive talk. How do you talk about yourself? What do you tell yourself in the mirror? What is the loudest voice you hear? Make it a kind one. Even if you don’t believe it yet, the act of telling yourself out loud a mantra like “I am beautiful” or “I am valuable” five times first thing can help boost your self-confidence.

Find your tribe.

Throughout life we create friendships and bonds at school, university, jobs, sporting groups and events. It pays to cherish a strong group of friendships from different backgrounds and industries who become our “trusted advisors”. These people can help guide your decision making, and check in on each other when we need a little re-routing. Make that extra effort to keep these people in your life and reap the benefits of friends who have known you for years and years.

Try something new.

Remember the feeling of being in a room starting something brand new, not knowing a single person in it? It reminds us what it’s like to be a little nervous and vulnerable. There are so many great events and groups to be a part of that focus on sustainability, culture, gardening etc. - something that exists outside our normal bar groups that many of us might be interested in. It’ll also makes it easier to spot those feelings in someone else who has just arrived in your bar alone and might be waiting for friends – and in turn show them kindness.