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From menus to malts, join our virtual training sessions and learn from the very best in the business! Simply click the sign up button to register.

Menu Development

Join our virtual session and learn from our team of expert trainers about the perfect pre and post-dinner serves!

17th May, 14.00 CEST



Learn the art of mixology, with our live session.

18th May, 14.00 CEST

Career Development

Learn the best ways to boost your career, with our virtual training session.

24th May, 14.00 CEST


Join our virtual session and learn how to keep your team healthy and happy.

25th May, 14.00 CEST

With Food

Join our virtual session and learn the art of pre and post-dinner serves!

31st May, 14.00 CEST

Low and No Cocktails

Learn the art of the low-and-no serve from our expert team

1st June, 14.00 CEST

With Rum

Learn how to incorporate rum into your cocktail menu.

6th June, 14.00 CEST

Career Development

Learn how to incorporate classic malt serves into your menu

8th June, 14.00 CEST

With Gin

Join our virtual session and learn all about gin, from serving suggestions to key cocktails!

14th June, 14.00 CEST

Highball Highlights

Learn the secret to a great highball, with our virtual training session!

15th June, 14.00 CEST


Learn how to incorporate Agave into your cocktail menu!

21st June, 14.00 CEST