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Meet Our Trainer - Ertan Engin

My name is

Ertan Engin

I’m based in

Istanbul, Turkey

I’ve been bartending for

9 years

Happiness in a glass is

Gin & tonic

I love working with

Johnnie Walker™ Black Label™, Ketel One™ & Ron Zacapa Rum™

Top tip…

Always try to raise the bar in every job that you do.

If you’re visiting Turkey, or just looking for inspiration, check out these bars…


Nicci, in İzmir, is a must visit if you’re looking for mouth-watering Greek cuisine with some really great, fresh cocktails. Opened in 2012, the bar has tried hard to establish itself as a leader in gastronomy and mixology and I must say it’s up there with the best. Not only is the food and drink great but the wonderful seaside location of the bar really is the cherry on the cake. As you know, no great bar is complete without talented bartenders and this spot seems to have some of the best there is in Turkey. Having friendly bar staff goes a long way. So if you’re looking for a reason to visit then their great cocktails, awesome bar team and perfect location should be enough to convince you to pay it a visit.


70ml Captain Morgan®

½ Fresh lime

10ml Brown sugar syrup

5 leaves of mint

Method: Crush 4 lime slice in a long glass, add sugar syrup and mix. Last add mint and Captain Morgan then serve.

(2.2 standard drinks* and 2.8 units per serve)

Drop by at…Atatürk Cd 232, A, Alsancak, İzmir


Like at…www.facebook.com/niccilounge

Follow at…www.twitter.com/niccilounge


It may be called Touchdown but having been in the business for over 20 years it’s long since touched down. The bar’s reputation really does speak for itself. There aren’t too many people in Istanbul who haven’t had the pleasure of an unforgettable afternoon at this established bar. If you’re searching for cocktails and crowds then Touchdown is where you’ll find them. It’s a great spot for friends to hangout, catch up and be a part of a unique vibe in the city. It’s also a great sports bar - you can be sure to watch the local teams wherever they are playing around the world. Aside from all the fun, their cocktails and drinks collection is show-stopping.They have their Cosmopolitans, Long Island Ice Teas and all other cocktail serves nailed - you’ll have difficulty finding somewhere else that serves them better in Istanbul.


50ml Smirnoff® vodka

25ml Triple sec.

25ml Fresh lime juice

40ml Cranberry juice & jam

Method: Mix all the ingredients with copious ice. Filter into a martini glass. Garnish with an orange peel.

(2.3 standard drinks* and 2.8 units per serve)

Drop by at…Abdi İpekçi caddesi Milli Reasürans çarşısı 61/11 Teşvikiye 34367 İstanbul Türkiye.

Dial…+0212 231 36 71

Find out more at…www.touchdown.com.tr

Like at…www.facebook.com/touchdown

Follow at…www.twitter.com/touchdown

Joker No: 19

Fresh onto the beat this year, this bar is one to watch over the coming months. It really is going from strength to strength and with the cocktails they are putting out they are real competition for any other bars in Istanbul. The stylish interiors give it a really cool vibe and with a large bar front and island bar area you won’t be queuing for long to get served. Take note - ginger based cocktails are a must have…they seem to perfect these with every serve. With regular live performances it’s a trendy spot for up-and-coming talent and a perfect spot if you want to show friends what Istanbul has to offer. Their standard has been maintained throughout the year and credit has to be given to the award-winning bartenders who are serving behind the bar. They are educating customers, training bar backs and helping Joker No:19 find its place in this happening city.


50ml Smirnoff® raspberry vodka

20ml Lychee liquor

20ml Fresh raspberry puree

20ml Sweet’n sour

Method: All the ingredients mix with a Boston shaker. Then serve in a martini glass.

(2.2 standard drinks* and 2.9 units per serve)

Drop by at…Beşiktaş Caddesi No:19

Dial…+0212 227 9395

Find out more...

Like at…www.facebook.com/Jokerno19

(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)