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Meet Our Trainer – Fernando Costa

My name is…

Fernando Costa

I’m based in…


I’ve been bartending for…

Over 16 years

Happiness in a glass is…


I love working with…


Top tip…

‘‘Have a professional attitude.”


Hotel W

Whisky Blue is famous for its use of high quality ingredients and extensive menu of cocktails - so good in fact, it’s a renowned hot spot within the Chilean bar industry. The venue is cool, contemporary and colourful with an amazing feature wall of over 1,600 wine bottles. Not only are the drinks great, the bar is beautifully furnished with casual yet stylish seating, making it feel like a modern lounge - a perfect space for sipping fantastic cocktails! Matias Peredo has recently joined as head bartender and is well established within the drinks industry. Matias ensures the bar is kept up to speed with the latest trends and his cutting edge ideas really set it apart. It’s also the hub of the hotel and offers something for everyone; from giant specially designed board games to southern American bar cuisine.

Old Fashion


10ml Demerara syrup

Dash of bitters

Dash of cherry liqueur

Essential oils of orange peel

Method: Add sugar syrup and bitters in to a glass. Stir, then add Johnnie Walker Black Label with ice cubes. Stir again adding more ice and garnish with orange zest twist and cherry liqueur.

(1.8 standard drinks* - 1.7 units per serve)

Drop by at…Isidora Goyenechea 3000, LasCondes

Dial…+56 (9) 73 86 5346

Find out more at…www.starwoodhotels.com

Like at…www.facebook.com/whotelsantiago

Follow at…twitter.com/WSantiagoHotel

Punta Juarez Discotheque

Punta Juarez Discotheque is one of the liveliest venues in Chile; so if you’re looking for a disco then this is the best spot! The club is the perfect ‘late venue’ and opens late Wednesday to Saturday. It attracts some of the best bands and DJs in the world and no matter what time of the year you’ll be sure to find an A-lister playing there. As well as regular lively parties, Punta Juarez is also famous for its high standard of service. Their cocktails are fun and exciting and change with each and with every season. Guests also have the chance to sample the exclusive VIP room, which offers table service and the chance to order straight to your table - not a perk offered at every nightclub. If you are looking for an entertaining night out while in Santiago, be sure to check out this ‘discotheque’.

Miami Mojito


30ml Lemon juice

30ml Simple syrup

2 Sprigs of mint

2 Dashes of bitters

Top with club soda

Method: Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice and add muddled mint, lemon juice and syrup. Add Smirnoff and stir with bar spoon. Top with soda, stir and serve.

(2.4standard drinks* - 1.9 units per serve)

Drop by at…90 Vincente Reyes, Maipu, Chile

Dial…+56 (9) 8448 5378

Find out more at…www.puntajuarez.cl/

Like at…www.facebook.com/puntajuarez

Follow at…www.twitter.com/puntajuarez

Bajo Llave

Bajo Llave is a hidden gem, steeped in tradition, culture and character. The owner has taken a dilapidated building and from it created something very special. Aside from the outside terrace, the heart of the building lies underground in the bar. With its exposed brick walls and delicate lighting it makes for a very unique experience. The venue is also perfect if you want to experience authentic Chilean culture along with a lively, friendly atmosphere. It’s oozing so much character, the owner used to pass the keys to his regular customers allowing them to access the bar whenever they wanted - it truly is a magical place! And if that’s not enough, the bar offers traditional, simple cocktails along with a selection of delicious bar cuisine such as traditional ceviche and pizza allowing you to experience the true culture. This quaint bar provides a true insight into the Chilean culture and must be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate its charm.


40ml BULLEIT™ Bourbon

15ml Orange liqueur

30ml Blackberry juice

Dash of lemon juice

Splash of ginger ale

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice in a shaker. Fine strain into martini glass and garnish with striped orange.

(2.4 standard drinks* - 1.7 units per serve)

Drop by at…Nueva Rosal 344 (subterráneo y terraza) Barrio, Lastarria, Santiago

Dial…+44 (0) 2664 80 53

Find out more at…www.bajollave.cl/

Like at…www.facebook.com/bajo.llave.Restobar?fref=ts

Follow at…www.twitter.com/bajollavebar

The JOHNNIE WALKER BLACK LABEL, SMIRNOFF and BULLEIT words and associated logos are trade marks (C) Diageo 2015.

(*One standard drink contains 8 grams of alcohol)