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Meet Our Trainer - Fernando Rodríguez

My name is…

Fernando Rodríguez

I’m based in…

Costa Rica

I’ve been bartending for…

Six years

Happiness in a glass is…

A negroni

I love working with…


Top tip…

"Read all the cocktail books you can.”

If you’re visiting Costa Rica, or just looking for inspiration, check out these bars…


I might be a little biased as I work at Santos but, in my extensive experience of the bar scene in Costa Rica, it always comes up trumps. Having only opened a year ago in May, the bar has truly established itself as a place to go for good drinks, good food and good music. It’s also the only place in Costa Rica where it’s a restaurant by day and a club by night. This makes it a really versatile venue, where we try to listen to the customers and see what they’re ‘into’. If you’re looking for somewhere with a really nice ambience and a place that’s architecturally awesome then Santos is the perfect spot. Designed by recognised architect Janine Schnedier you’ll be sure to feel like you’re enjoying your cocktails in an amazing space. If you’re a foodie our ceviche (seafood dish) is hugely popular. We can pair it with a cocktail to help compliment the taste - just let the barman know and he’ll work his magic. We are also working on a ‘after office’ menu and a new cocktail menu which we hope to launch later this year. They will offer something really different and add an exciting twist to all things Santos.

Still Going Strong

42ml Johnnie Walker Black Label

14ml Vanilla syrup

14ml Ginger liqueur

3 x Drops of bitters

Foam made with apple, vanilla liqueur and egg white

Method: Pour vanilla syrup and the bitters into a mixing glass. Add some ice and stir. Add the rest of the ingredients and some more ice, stir again and serve in a coupe glass. Put the foam on top.

Garnish: Apple with cinnamon

(1.7 standard drinks* - 2.2 units per serve)

Drop by at…Avenida Escazú, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dial…+(506) 2208 8955

Find out more and like at…www.facebook.com/SantosEscazu

Antik Restaurant and Bar

Whisky and gin anyone? Well if either of these ‘tickle your fancy’ then Antik’s a no-brainer. They’ve an extensive range of both on offer - probably the best in Costa Rica. You’ll get to experience all sorts of unique recipes and unusual serves and the experience will really be unlike any other. The bar recently relocated to a 90 year old historical landmark in the heart of the San Jose Court District known as ‘Casa Matute’. The area itself has so much character and customers naturally draw associations between the area and the restaurants and bars located there. This helps to create a fab ambience in the bar and an experience you can only really get in this location. The bar is divided into three sections - the basement bar, a restaurant on the main floor and an events room on the second floor. The basement is where they host their weekly parties and have some of the hottest musical talent from around the world playing each week - so if you’re in the lookout for a party place with great drinks it’s worth dropping in. I have to say it’s hands down one of the coolest places in San Jose and certainly worth a visit.

Summer Gin Tonic


14ml Organic honey syrup

1 x Splash of orange blossom honey

2 x Tbsp of passion fruits

1 x Twist of lemon

Fill with tonic water

Method: Place all the ingredients into a gin and tonic glass and stir.

(1.3 standard drinks* - 1.8 units per serve)

Drop by at…Casa Matute, Ave 10, Calle 21, San Jose, Costa Rica

Contact at… ">

Find out more at…www.antik.cr

Like at…www.facebook.com/antikcr

Follow atwww.twitter.com/AntikCR


Juan Zuniga opened Rapsodia back in 2006 and with his wealth of experience in the bartending and nightlife scene there was no other way for this hotspot to go but up! Juan began working in bars at the age of 19 in the Rhode Island area. He learnt his trade from some of the city’s best bartenders, all the while pursuing his dream of becoming a DJ. When he opened Rapsodia he was able to put all this experience and knowledge to work. He has since gone on to create a place which marries music, décor and ambience together in perfect harmony. The recent refurb really gives the place a uniquely ‘global’ character. With Italian chandeliers and French wallpaper it has an esoteric feel. For those of you who like exclusive clubs, then Rapsodia is worth checking out. They have membership options and partygoers are carefully handpicked so that the place really keeps its reputation of having only the best clientele. For a night out full of class and swagger Rapsodia is top of my list.

Cadillac Margarita

42ml Don Julio Reposado

14ml Organic brown sugar simple syrup

14ml x Freshly harvested limes

Method: Place all the ingredients in a shaker, shake and serve in a Martini glass.

(1.3 standard drinks* - 1.7 units per serve)

Drop by at…Paseo Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica

Dial…+(506) 6048 1000

Find out more at…www.rapsodiacr.com

Like at…www.facebook.com/rapsodiacr

(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)

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