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Meet Our Trainer - Spyros Kerkyras

My name is…

Spyros Kerkyras

I’m based in

Athens, Greece

I’ve been bartending for

15 years

Happiness in a glass is

A twist on gin and tonic. I love combining gin with garnishes and bitters from different raw materials, e.g. gin and Mediterranean tonic with grapefruit bitters or gin and indian tonic with celery bitters!

Top tip

Stir, smile, serve and the kiss philosophy.



If secret gardens, world class bartenders and exceptional serves are your thing, then Hide and Seek is the bar for you. The bar’s philosophy is to recreate the standard cocktail serves to make them stand out from the crowd and this is exactly what Hide and Seek are famous for. They do a lot of different utensil serves such as the ‘cocktail on a bottle’ serve and the ‘cocktail in a picnic basket’ serve. Pretty out there thinking…and I love it! They are also really into their food pairing cocktails so if you’re a foodie it will be right up your street. World Class finalist Alejandro Gipopoulos works behind the bar and his unique talent and skill flows into everything he produces - with expertise like this, they never disappoint.


50ml Don Julio™ Reposado

15ml Agave nectar

15ml Fresh lime juice

15ml Pink grapefruit juice

Method: Shake and double strain into a coupette. Garnish with grapefruit or lime zest.

(1.6 standard drinks* and 2 units per serve)

Drop by atΛεωφόρος Κηφισίας 254, Athens, Greece

Dial+30 21 0677 6747

Like athttps://www.facebook.com/HideAndSeekAthens


For big groups of friends looking for a fun night out on the tiles then The Dalliance House is the perfect bar. The different variations of punch cocktails available really are something else. They specialise in these and have put a lot of work into making them fun for everyone with sharing punches serving as little as four people right up to 20 people. If you’re into going to a bar with a great look and feel then this bar, with its award for unique design, is one to see. The 1890’s paintings on the wall and unique floral prints create a great atmosphere to enjoy a few drinks and offer a great conversation starter. As well as for the exceptional punch cocktails, The Dalliance House is also famous for homemade iced teas and lemonades. They mix these into their cocktail serves which is unique to this bar - a taste sensation you won’t experience anywhere else!


50ml Johnnie Walker™ Platinum Label™

15ml Homemade coconut cream

10ml Fresh orange juice

10ml Fresh lime juice

5ml Pineapple shrub

15ml Porter beer

2 Dashes bitter, sweet and spicy bitters

Method: Shake and strain into a vintage old fashioned glass.

(2 standard drinks* and 2.6 units per serve)

Drop by atKiriazi 19, Kifisia 145 62, Greece

Dial+210623 0775

Find out more atwww.thedalliancehouse.com

Like athttps://www.facebook.com/TheDallianceHouse


I love my Bloody Marys so, for me, Island is a no brainer as one of my top three bars. With their homemade mixers they make extraordinary cocktails like no other.They have a lengthy list of cocktail serves, but for those with a more unique taste, their well-established sommelier, Danai Atsele, is on hand to give his expert advice. Another reason it’s top of my list is its prime location - Island probably has the best location in Greece. If you want to be sipping cocktails, hanging off a cliff edge over the sea, then I would recommend Island for a drink with a view. Or if you’re just hungry and a fan of sushi then it’s the perfect spot. They offer a great array of sushi platters that will not disappoint!

70ml Tonic water

2-3 Dashes of celery bitters

6 Slices of fresh cucumber

Method: Build up in a glass. Garnish with slices of cucumber or a celery stick.

(1.6 standard drinks* and 2.5 units per serve)

Drop by at27o χλμ Αθηνών - Σουνίου, 27nd klm Athinon - Souniou - Varkiza, Vari 166 72

Dial+21 0965 3563

Find out more atwww.islandclubrestaurant.gr

Like atwww.facebook.com/IslandClubRestaurant.gr

(*One standard drink contains 8g of alcohol)

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