The DBA team outline the ultimate 10 step workstation setup routine

In the fast-paced environment of the bar it’s vital to deliver smooth, quick and efficient service each and every time - 8 out of 10 customers consider service the most important thing to them, so we can’t afford not to get it right!

As the old saying goes, “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Thankfully, it’s easy to deliver first class service if you prep in advance. A good workstation setup routine with clear, practical steps to follow at the start every shift will put you and your team on the right path for the rest of the day and night – delivering happier customers, more sales and more tips.

The Bartender

A good bartender needs plenty of clean, tidy space to work from and the best way to implement this is with a strong workstation setup. A good setup routine helps improve the bar in the following ways:

The most effective way to implement a setup procedure is to have a step-by-step guide to work off when first starting a shift. Here’s our ten steps in a handy infographic…

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Following these procedures will help identify any potential stock, glass and product shortages at the start of a shift – which is very important considering today’s customers have high standards and expect all drinks to be served in the correct branded glassware.

To make the most of this workstation setup routine make sure to also replenish stock, ice and garnishes throughout the service when there are quieter periods. Even if you can’t get time to do this yourself, work with your team to communicate what’s needed and identify who could help - this will minimise disruption and avoid running out of equipment and products throughout service. Remember - the bar is a team and the best way to ensure smooth service is by working as a team!

The Bar Manager

With a mixture of staff working throughout the bar and from varying nationalities, it helps to have the workstation setup routine displayed clearly and concisely, supported with diagrams and images.

Download and print off our infographic and display it in the staff area, ensuring everyone has a good opportunity to familiarise themselves with the procedures. This can also be supported with great photography of the perfect setup in your outlet – take a range of photos of your bar fully prepped at the beginning of the service so the whole team can use this as a reference point and a standard to work to.

Holding regular staff meetings will ensure everyone is kept up to date with any changes in setup procedures and give the opportunity for feedback and questions. We recommend hosting these staff meetings every couple of months to enhance clear lines of communication throughout the bar.

Following a good set up procedure will help improve service levels across the whole bar. Staff morale will increase working in a clean and tidy environment and customers will benefit from a more organised and higher standard of service – good

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