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No Alcohol
Drink / Cocktail
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The No-groni! So just like the Negroni, this is a simple combination of 3 ingredients stirred and served over ice. In place of the Classic Gin this uses Seedlip, we’re using the Seedlip Spice which has a robust, earthy, spice lead palate. In place of the sweet vermouth and bitters used in the Classic we’re using Aecorn aperitifs aromatic and their bitter, a couple of the other innovative non-alcoholic products from the Seedlip stable of brands! 


25ml Seedlip Spice

25ml Aecorn Aperetifs Bitter

25ml Aecorn Aperetifs Aromatic


Orange slice or wedge


Add all the ingredients to a mixing glass full with ice, stir to mix, strain into an old-fashioned glass full with ice, garnish and serve



% ABV:

0% ABV (0 UK Units, 0g Alcohol)